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WATCH launches its Fund-raising campaign 2014 to support its early action plan.
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133 Countries to Convene in Rome to Discuss the Conservation of Cultural Heritage Worldwide

From 27-29 November, representatives of governments from all regions of the world will meet at the FAO headquarters in Rome for the General Assembly of ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property), the intergovernmental organization dedicated to the conservation of cultural heritage


International Exchange on Archaeology and Tourism

From 14-17 November the XVI Borsa Mediterranea del Turismo Archeologico will take place in Salerno, Italy. Held under ICCROM patronage, this international exchange aims to promote archaeology and archaeological destinations as well as cultural dialogue. The event will include the participation of private and public cultural organizations, archaeologists and tourist operators from around the world.

Cultural heritage for which kind of tourism?



October ends as the project grows in momentum and the results are shown with a final event in Byblos

A rich agenda of activities and events took place between 14 and 28 October. An intense wo weeks that involved all War Free World Heritage Listed Cities (WFWHLC) partners implementing actions on the ground both in Georgia and Lebanon.

An experts' mission led by Prof. Giuseppe Maino was assigned by the Italian project Associate NEREA (Network for Adanvaced Restoration diagnostic investigation, computer documental, antiseismic prevention) and it was accompanied and backstopped by Dr. Claudio Cimino, WATCH project coordinator, conducted on site detailed architectural photogrammetry survey, non destructive material sampling and other instrumental inspection of the world heritage sites in Mtskheta and Byblos.

A second cycle of public awareness promotion (PAP) took place with campaigns taking place both in Lebanon and Georgia addressing students aged 13 through 17 in schools.

In Georgia, the PAP campaign took place in cooperation with the National Committee of ICOMOS which is currently engaged in the implementation of the EU funded project Regional Cooperation for Cultural Heritage Development (RCCHD), implemented by the Eastern Partnership (EaP) Culture programme.

In Lebanon a series of PAP initiatives were promoted in Byblos by the leading project partner the Council of the United Municipality of Jbail, with support by Municipality of Byblos, the Lebanese American University (LAU) and the RotarAct group of Byblos (Rotary Club Youth members).

Monday, October the 28th a Final Conference was organised at the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Byblos gathering the major stakeholders and target groups of the project in Lebanon. The event, apart from its formal character signing the completion of project, represented a golden occasion to present and share the project results and point out lessons learned through its implementation to participants who are also the major direct beneficiaries of the project.



The challenges and projects between war, terorism, genocide, and organized crime will be the topics of discussion at the conference organised by the CNR (Italian National Council of Research) in Rome on the 15 November.

An event that is celebrated with the patronage of the Italian Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei and the Camera dei Deputati this conference represents an important moment of reflection in Italy on the state of implementation of the Hague Convention of 1954 and especially its 1999 Second Protocol (1999HP) of which the country is party. Institutional, academic and civil society organisations representing the major stakeholders and target groups in Italy were invited to participate and contribute to the event.

WATCH member Dr. Max Carcione will participate to the conference with a review of the role played by the International Committee of the Blue Shield and Cultural NGOs in the concrete implementation, of protective measures for cultural heritage and in the dissemination of the 1954 Hague Convention, its two Protocols and Guidelines.

Dr. Benjamin Goes, the President of the 1999HP Intergovernmental Committee, Ms Aparna Tandon (ICCROM) and Dr. Alessandra Liquori O'Neil (UNICRI) will also contribute testifying the experience made within their international organisations in the prevention and contrast of any form of illicit to the detriment of cultural heritage.



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